3 Interesting Facts About Rose Buds

There’s no denying that there’s just something about roses. They’re significant to some extent for many nations and cultures, and have a place in certain traditions. When you know what roses signify, gifting them to someone gives the act more meaning, and they make special occasions even more memorable. They’re a lovely sight, but there’s more to them than beautiful colours and a wonderfully floral fragrance.

Here are some interesting and even astonishing facts about roses – and their buds – that may well give you a newfound appreciation for them. 

They’re One of the Oldest Flowers

Did you know that archeologists have actually found fossils of roses that are as much as 35 million years old? These flowers are the oldest species to have been grown for decoration, with documents dated to AD 50 suggesting that the ancient Romans grew them on plantations. Even more interesting is that these plantations weren’t just for decorative roses, but to ensure that cities had a supply of medicinal extracts and cooking ingredients throughout the year. 

Roses can also live for a very long time, with the oldest living rosebush growing outside the Cathedral of Hildesheim. It’s growing on the wall of said cathedral, to be exact, and it’s currently around 1000 years old. That means if cared for properly, any roses you grow or plan to grow in your garden are likely to keep growing and blooming for decades to come.

They’re Edible

You may already know that certain varieties of roses grow a fruit known as rose hips, which can be used in cooking and in making tea. But it’s not just the fruit; the flower buds and the petals can be eaten. In fact, roses are classified as herbs, which should tell you just how useful they are. 

If you’re cooking with rose buds or rose petals, though, it’s best that you get them from a shop that specialises in herbal remedies, or you grow your own and pluck buds and petals as you need them. That way, you can be sure the rose buds you’re adding to that pot on your stove are free from chemicals. 

They’re Good for Your Body

As mentioned above, rose hips are packed with vitamin C and can be used to make teas, jellies, and jams, with the berry-shaped fruits coming in a range of colours such as red, dark purple, orange, and even black. Rose buds, too, contain vitamin C; even if they don’t have as much as rose hips do, they can still help boost your immune system. 

What rose buds do have in abundance, though, is antioxidants, which can help protect against free radicals and oxidative stress inflammation. This further boosts the immune system, preventing serious disease and keeping premature aging at bay. 

Given all that, it’s clear that roses really aren’t just pretty flowers, but they’re incredibly useful and beneficial, too. Now what if you want to try using them in your own kitchen but aren’t sure where to buy rose buds? You can visit this page to start looking.