Key Differences Between Lamb, Hogget and Mutton

The meat industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades and continues to grow at a fast pace. With the demand for various kinds of meats across the globe at an all-time high, there have been numerous technological advancements, along with price hikes. With poultry, seafood and beef being extremely high in demand, the American meat companies back in 2017, produced about 26.3 billion pounds of beef, 42 billion pounds of chicken and 150.2 pounds of lamb and mutton. One can easily guess how huge the demand is.

With lamb and mutton being the most sought-after meat types, it is significant to know the difference between lamb, mutton and hogget. A lot of people confuse the three. So, we shall take a look at a few key differences between the three types of meats. 

  • Milk fed lamb

The meat from a grass-fed and milk-fed lamb is sweet, milky and rich in taste. It can go really well with delicate spring vegetables. An ideal unweaned milk-fed lamb, born between the months of December and March, is ready between 4 to 6 weeks. Culinary experts have found small lamb chops from these milk and grass-fed lamb as extremely appetizing and scrumptious. 

The spring lamb on the other hand is available between May and July and is from livestock that is around 3 to 6 weeks old, which has been milk-fed adequately. Apart from this, the spring lambs are known to have been grass-fed well. It has tender meat that cuts easily. You can try Mediterranean ingredients like olives, tomatoes, and garlic that go well with the spring lamb.

  • Hogget

Hogget is considerably a newer addition to the menu. It is basically a juvenile sheep, either a young ewe or tup. It is over 11 months to 24 months old. A reared hogget has been described by culinary experts as flavorsome and rich. It is also a bit stronger in taste than the spring lamb. 

  • Mutton

Mutton is the meat of a sheep, more than 24 months old. It is preferred by people who enjoy dark meat flavors. You can have it along with root vegetables, classic spices and red wine. 

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