Traditional Vietnamese Food You Will Absolutely Love

When it comes to South Asian food, nobody can beat Vietnam. Known for serving authentic, traditional yet delicious recipes, Vietnam also has a touch of French to it. If you are planning to dig into this cuisine, make sure to take a look at the best dishes you need to try today!


Made of flat rice noodles, pho is a famous dish from Vietnam that you must try. Served with beef and chicken mostly, this noodle soup dish has fans from across the world. While tastes differ across the globe, the authentic pho dish usually contains a variety of herbs, spices, and sauces that you can get customized as per your choice. Either way, it is really delicious and you need to try it as soon as you can!

Bun Cha

While the name does sound like a bun, we can assure you that it is far from it. Made with fresh noodles, barbecued pork, sauces, and a variety of herbs, carrots, and papaya. You could either cook this partially or dip the fresh noodles in a hot bowl of broth. But if you want to get the best taste, then do try VOL II, the modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne that offers you the most authentic, scrumptious, and mind-blowing Vietnamese food.

Goi Cuon

We’ve all seen the usual spring rolls, but did you know that there’s a healthier and tastier version of that too. You could either have it grilled, fried, or boiled and the taste will be just as perfect. Popularly called summer rolls, they are packed in prawns, salad, and pork and served with spicy and sweet dips. It is also topped with peanuts which also enhances the taste.

Mi Vit Tem

In the mood for some chunky egg noodles, then do try Mi Vit Tem. Made with roasted duck, this Vietnamese noodle soup is delicious, juicy, tasty and the best you will ever find. It is also heavily influenced by Chinese culture and taste and has this perfect infusion of Vietnamese flavor and spice in it as well.

Bia Hoi

Another amazing and authentic Vietnamese dish you can try is bia hoi. This is a type of draft beer that is served locally. It is a bit bubbly, and weak, and is perfect for the Vietnamese city culture. It’s the sort of drink you can have a hard day at work. Keep a delicious snack on the side and you are good to go!

Banh Mi

So you do know that Vietnamese food does have a taste of France to it as well, correct? Due to French colonialism, Vietnam has experienced a taste of France and it is still reflected in the dishes. Banh Mi is one of them. Served with crispy and fresh baguettes, it is served with meat, eggs, vegetables, sweet sauce, etc. They can be found in restaurants, street stalls, or even more remote areas.

And if you really want a taste of such delicious Vietnamese food, then make sure to try out Vol II. We serve authentic and traditional food straight from the alleys of Vietnam that will melt your taste buds in no time. Call us today to book your appointment or stop by our restaurant for a takeaway!