Sides that are a Must-have with a Pizza

Pizza is phenomenal just by itself. But most often when we eat pizza; we pair it up with sides! Sides are dishes that accompany the main dish, complement it and usually come in a small portion. In case of Pizza; or other junk food; side dishes can be nutritive and provide you with additive nutrients like vitamins, minerals that the main dish lacks. 

The sides that you choose however; must supplement the main dish rightly; or you might not enjoy the meal! 

Here are a few side dishes that are a must to have alongside your cheesy, spicy pizza!

A] Breads

Garlic bread is a classic accompaniment for pizzas. Most pizzerias offer a free garlic bread when they serve pizzas. A crusty bread slathered with garlic butter is most ideal for eating alongside pizza. You can also go for other breads like cheesy bread, crazy bread etc! 

B] Onion Rings 

Onion rings give you the perfect crisp you need with your warm and spiced up pizza! They stay crunchy even when cold and echo the flavour of your pizza! 

C] Fries or Poutines 

Fries are a go-to side for almost every dish! Crispy to perfection; fries are a must have to chomp on when you eat your pizza. You can also go for poutines to multiply the flavour of sides. 

D] Sandwiches 

If you feel a pizza might not be enough to fill your belly; you must go for a healthier side like a sandwich. Sandwiches can come in sizes ranging from 7” to 14”; you can choose yours based on how hungry you feel! 

E] Fried chicken 

Fried chicken makes almost everything better. Some crispy chicken wings with hot sauces is a dish that will certainly heighten your eating experience. 

F] Garden salad 

If you are health cautious; you do not have to give up on pizza because it is junk. Pair it up with a side of some garden salad and get nutrients you are missing out on. 

G] Desserts 

Something sweet and savoury after a spicy meal is a must! Grab a chocolate cake, pudding or chocolate chip cookie as a side when you get done feasting on your pizza! 

Double Pizza restaurant offers these and many other sides to augment your eating experience. Add delight to your party by choosing sides mentioned above and have an unforgettable meal with your loved ones!